Monday, September 26, 2011

Cranberry Granola Bars - NUT FREE!

Crannie Grannies
Or as I like to call them...the Cranny Grannies!

I used the same recipe for Cherry Grannies but swap the nuts for the same amount of mixed seeds.  I added a whole pack of "Freshlife" brand Triple Fruit Treat - mango, cranberries and blueberries (150g). I also had half a pack of glace ginger that I had finely chopped and added.  I think these were a little more interesting for the fruity combo.  I will definitely buy the Triple Fruit Treat again.  Not too dry...nothing worse than dry dried fruit!

These were in lunch boxes today and I find them filling, not too sweet, not too crunchy - just right.  I find it really hard to get nut free bars or recipes for them.  It's a dilemma for us as we all work in schools and of course Lil is a little kiddie still in need of semi healthy lunch box materials.

Yours in nut-free, lunch box goodness,


  1. Um Yum, How are you Jude? New class coming soon! Hope to catch up then. These look so nom!

  2. Any holiday cooking from Thermominx?